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Excellent! Just Excellent! These folks can clean for me anytime!!

Sofie T. Portland OR

Trish and Dave have worked for our family for six years now. They do an
job, are completely trustworthy and I honestly don't think
I could do without them. They know our kids, our neighbors, and our
home inside and out. They also work for my brother-in-law and
several of our friends. When we go out of town we list them
as an emergency contact. That pretty much says it all.

Barbara M. SW Portland


I've used Elan Cleaning for my house and I have used them for rentals.
Nobody beats them. Their service is excellent!

Robin D. Vancouver,WA


Dave and Tricia are Great! They handle my rental turnovers
and offer excellent service with a great work ethic.

Mike A. Property Manager. Portland OR

Trish and Dave, owners of Elan Cleaning and Home Services,
are extremely professional.They are prompt, very thorough, and very
reasonably priced. I fully trust them to clean my home
even when I am not there. And I highly recommend them to others
looking for a sparkling clean home

Susan C. Portland OR

Elan' Cleaning and Home Services cleans our small business office every other
and I simply can't say enough good things about the owner operators,
Tricia and David. They arrive on time, ready to work, make short order of cleaning
the office, which is a 3-bedroom 1920's house, and leave the place sparkling
and smelling fresh and clean. They are delightful and professional.
Without any proding, they do the tasks that were agreed to,
happily and effectively. I highly recommend them!!

Linda K. Portland OR

I got three bids from cleaning companies, and I was irritated
by the other two bids because they wanted to charge me extra
for the first cleaning. This didn't make sense to me because I had
another housekeeper and I was happy with her work. The other
housekeeper quit so I had to find another company. Elan Cleaning gave
me a bi-weekly price that beat the others and they didn't charge extra for the
first clean. I can't tell you how impressed I was with Tricia and Dave. They were
very professional from the get-go and I felt comfortable having
them come in. They were in and out in no time, and boy, was I
amazed at the job they did. The place is pristine, they didn't miss a beat.
And, the beds were made up wonderfully, the pillows fluffed just so,
and the towells in the bathrooms all straightened out better than
I've ever attempted to do. The house smelled amazing and the floors...
the floors have never shined like this before! I don't know what they used,
but my floors are really hard to clean because they are older and
the hardwood in not in the best shape. They far exceeded my expectations
and I look forward to their return in two weeks. One side note, I have
two kitty cats that I'm slightly attached too. Tricia learned
their names during the bid and remembered them on her return and paid
special attention to them. I can tell they are not going to
mind having her around!

Nancy L. Portland OR